The Heroine’s Journey: “Nasty Women”

Part 1 of A SaneWorld Serial-Blog

As our Presidential Election approached in the USA, the nation was transfixed by a comedic-grotesque political Punch & Judy Show. Rocking and raging—equal threads scathing misogyny and spiteful emasculation—it unspooled, haywire, before our eyes.

An addictive story of male-female malice and vituperation, it played out as a hopelessly old-school battle of the sexes. Like a jagged shard excavated from our reptilian past, it reflected our alienation as it elicited from us a collective gasp of horror and recognition.

Ingrained prejudice and indignation now assault us, loudly, from both sides. Appalled accounts from women of man-baby sexual transgression compete with men’s rage at their despair-inducing layoffs and 20-percent unemployment rate.

While women became emboldened to vie for seats in the Presidential/CEO Clubhouse, one in five men went out of work, and out of sorts. Rising educational accomplishment among females now collides with plummeting college graduation among males.

The fallout from both sides drifts like flotsam in deep space, a dubious equality of displacement, interrupted by occasional collisions.

Writ large in Hillary’s defeat and the rise of Trump is the belief that “women are living in a man’s world” resurfaces and persists anew, unchallenged. I’d like to offer a different interpretation.

The “Rise of the Feminine” is at a more mature developmental stage than we have seen or understood. We still have a long way to go before we arrive at balance, but this evolution is already operative in our collective human psyche in ways that we have not  seen or processed.   

Stay tuned for Part 2 …

Pauline Yeats

A GIFT FROM 9/11: Fifteen Years Later 

“Fifteen years gone, a world away, the gift remains so very present.”

As the shock of that ghastly morning wore into afternoon, I felt the dread of an awful understanding closing in. The world of easy liberty we had known was forever changed, shrouding us, as a burqa must close in and cloister vital skin from freedom. Nothing, ever, to be the same again. 

Such a brilliant, joyous, azure sky that morning, aglow with well-being. Later, it heated and grew heavy, daylight dimming to a lurid, postcard shot of smudged coral as it trudged toward night. In the alien stillness that can come to NYC only in a post-apocalypse power blackout, I walked from my design studio and showroom in downtown Flatiron to Gramercy Park.

Never will I forget the vibrancy that met me there, vaulting out from improvised “Missing” posters. Row upon row of grinny, goofy, shining faces of the missing. So beautiful, every single one. A blanket of grief for fanciful, Beaux Arts black-and-gold wrought iron park railings, built for much less dangerous times.

Tacked on with string, tape, sink-stopper-ballchain. Held with paper clips, key-rings, climbing crampons. Tied up with bows of wrenchingly gay colored ribbons, listless in the deadened breeze. Some were swathed in protective plastic, laminated, the longer to soldier on in the search.

Brave, aching-sweetheart urges to preservation, forged in moments of focused panic and torment. Their loved ones deeply knew they were forever gone, but needed to keep them. Still here. On show. Public. Their vibrancy powering on. Frozen in virtual existence to proclaim, celebrate and memorialize their magnificence for the world. 

Next morning, as I opened the gallery, wafts of sickly death stench gushed on a gutted breeze across 22nd Street. Sweeping east from the West Side, an urgency to push the horror out to sea. At last to dissipate, purified, erased in light and salt. Sense memory will always know that honeyed odor. Vengeful IED, stealth and acrimony discarded by an unseen enemy.

We had opened the showroom just to do something useful. Make a memorial display window. Give thanks to FDNY, NYPD. Show a living presence with cake, fruit and drinks for our sad and dust-baked-ghost-town neighbors. Within minutes, people began streaming in, drawn by a raw need to connect, find comity, resonance.

Against that perversely scented backdrop they poured out shared sorrow, compassion, gratitude, heart, humanity. That was my first awakening to the deep insight of Conscious Business. I came to an understanding that companies exist, first, to contribute. To an audience, a community, and finally, the world.

It erased the blithe self-reference of an unbridled “creator-entrepreneur,” overflowing with ideas, will and ambition. I grew up in that moment. Conscious Business appeared as a kind of spiritual imperative, embedded in an ethos of Unity and Service. The communities that give life to our businesses are also our responsibility, and our constituency. 

Like Proust with his Madeleines, that sense memory will never go away. A life-changing moment of clarity, it triggers meaning, drives intention, always there for me in times of doubt, or flagging creativity. A never to be lost vision of what in life truly matters.  Fifteen years gone, a world away, the gift remains so very present.

 Pauline Yeats


“I must do something with my life. It is too serious to play games with anymore, because in my place someone else could have been saved. And so I speak for that person. On the other hand, I know I cannot.”

— Elie Wiesel

“On the other hand, I know I cannot.”

In this extraordinary statement—simultaneously expressing two opposing truths—Elie Wiesel exposes the fragile, existential razor’s edge awakened consciousness must walk. He must obey the soul’s urgent imperative to tell the world of the horrors of those who were not saved. Still, he will not arrogate to himself the right to speak for them. The omniscience to know their unspeakable agonies is not for him to claim.

It is a singular recognition of the great divide between spirit-driven, honor bound directive, and the rare spiritual impulse toward a level of humility that can only arise from what Mahayana Buddhism calls Great Compassion.

Within Wiesel’s calling, a deeper understanding holds sway. As much as we may wish to be of service, we have neither the capacity to know another’s experience, nor permission to express the complexities of someone else’s heart, mind or sprit. Such entitlement for Wiesel violated boundaries of respect for the agonizing array of human suffering unknowable to him, despite the known depths of his own.

In all his forthrightness and conviction of the gravitas of his Life’s Mission, what set him apart from the arch polemics of others was a finesse born of innate reticence. His searing fire was tempered by a studied avoidance of presumption, honoring the anonymous cavalcade of despair that preceded him.

For us at Sane World/Sane Planet—and those who so dearly cherish this Sphere of Enchantment that gives us life, Wiesel’s example teaches a truth we all must live by. We cannot claim to speak for Mother Earth, or know that our efforts at a sustainable planet can succeed.  Yet we must dedicate our lives to action  anyway.

Elie Wiesel taught us that we must call out human darkness, while always reaching for the light. That our finest hope is to serve up nourishment to feed a joyful heart; tenderness to heal the soul; and focused clarity of vision.

He demonstrated that the best any of us can do is to offer up our gifts—such as they are. We are called upon to lay them out in the public square for all to see.

—Pauline Yeats, July 2016

The Evolution of SANE

During the cocoon cycle of a caterpillar, it reinvents itself as a butterfly by creating new cellular structures from its old physiology. Science calls these “imaginal cells.” To me, this evokes a kind of self-envisioned evolutionary leap into a new way of being. Chilean Evolutionary Biologist, Umberto Maturana calls this process of self-created evolution—as practices by all living beings—“Autopoesis.”

“[When] we saw the picture of the earth, from the moon . . . we realized how small and how helpless this planet is—something that we must hold in our arms and care for.– Margaret Mead

But, while the butterfly grows from imaginal to structural, inside the cocoon a battle for survival is being waged. In order for this magical new creature to be born into being, the old organism must die.  A death struggle between creator and its creation ensues. Fragile yet unstoppable, evolution prevails. A new life form emerges in flight and beauty. Blog Butterfly copy

We humans are, like the caterpillar, hardwired for transcendence. There is a global swath of consensus among thought leaders that this period of our history is a similar, cocoon-like lacuna. Humanity is in a kind of parenthesis pause in a closing crack of time between the tectonic shifts of two eras. Awakening planetary consciousness is gathering velocity, spurred on by deteriorating environmental, economic, governmental and social structures.

Life on Planet Earth is facing great peril, at a moment when humanity is poised to take flight into heretofore unseen possibility. We are ending an era that long since bankrupted its virtues and outlived its workability. Hey-day of rampant industrial growth, its fog of environmental plunder now appears to contemporary eyes as a form of insanity. 

Humanity’s promise was never better. Imaginal life is taking shape in Transformation of Consciousness. We move inexorably toward Unitive Being that honors our connection with each other, and our inalienable bond with the magnificent Earth that sourced us.

This awakening Human, the World we create, and the living Planet that and sustains us, we are calling: SANE.

Exponential Business for a Sane World

When we talk about business, we don’t mean the outmoded linear economic and business structures that still hold mainstream sway. Our focus is on the New Business opportunities that Exponential Technologies have opened up to us.

“The power to save the planet rests with the individual consumer.” – Denis Hayes

A Meteorite recently landed on Planet Earth. We’ve dubbed the crater it left,  “Exponential Business Systems.” As the dust clears, 20th Century holdouts, Carbon Kings and Corporate Behemoths—sluggish, slow-going, status-quo-ing—are following the fate of the Hairy Mastodon and Woolly Mammoth.

A new genus of Humans is making hay out there, dotting the open landscape. Nimble, fleet-footed, improvising and rapid-implementing, they are creating, connecting, inventing, and foraging for possibility. Oddly, unlike their hierarchical predecessors, they cooperate, joint venture and collaborate with one another. Go figure!

This new human hybrid strain is coming to be known as “Exponential Entrepreneur.” It comes in many guises: Education; Technology; Entertainment; Business; Finance; Law; Design; Art; Spirituality; and an emerging thoroughbred, Exponential-Social Entrepreneur.Blog Exp Biz

SANE Planet finds these new human/business hybrids so inspiring — so Sane! We are cheering you on, and stand behind you with support, nurturing, information, and community. More, we offer training in the fast-evolving consciousness, skills and knowledge that you will need to thrive in this newly shaping Planet Earthscape. 

Check out our Star Zone Exponential Business Program in Leadership, Branding, Creative Flow, Online Production, and Dynamic Exponential Launch Systems.

We invite you to join your Global Tribe. Membership is free, as will be many educational and informational resources we are preparing for you. Talk to us, let us know what you want from SANE Planet/World. 

We ask only in return that you run environmentally responsible business. That you be kind to Mother Gaia and share in leaving a SANE, sustainable, vibrant Spaceship Earth as Honor Legacy of your magnificent presence here.

Stay tuned for coming news of SANE!

Pauline Yeats