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Exponential Business and marketing

The Star Zone Premium Program is a 5-Star, 5-Suite, fully integrated System for creating, building, leading and running an Exponential Enterprise. These are reliable, innovative and trusted Systems, proven to work across diverse platforms. The full Program will empower you to create and launch a new enterprise, or to exponentially transform your existing business.

This comprehensive step-by-step process through your first year, covers all aspects—conceptual, leadership, branding, marketing, sales, management and technology. We have designed it to give you the mindset and skills for inception, implementation and fulfillment, to take your exponential enterprise as far as you want to go.

Program Outline

    • A Greater Future On A Global Platform
    • Your Micro-Niche for Macro-Reach
    • The Power of Ultimate Performance  
    • Making Virtual Sales Results Real
    • The Marketing of Super Credibility

Where is Your Current Business?

49% ?
Global Impact
16% ?
Satisfaction / Fulfillment
40% ?

We will mentor you through the program in the specifics of Exponential Leadership, Branding, Product & Presentation, and Marketing. You will discover how to use Creative Flow® to lead small, lean teams in phenomenal innovation and 500% output. You will learn the arts & sciences of Joint Venture and list-building. For your first launch, you will run your campaign with our Super-Credibility technology. You will also develop a potent Social Media following and growing Global Online presence.

More than all of this, you will have fun. Create a business to serve the lifestyle of your choice. Learn to run it without hassle. Work in the abundance of collaboration instead of scarcity of competition.

We will show you how to actually enjoy marketing. The freedom of testing ideas when you feel like it. The power of backing them up with data—quickly! You will learn a new kind of failure: fast; forward; fantastic; and free of pain. You will never have to make another “cold call” (brrrr!!) for as long as you live.

Most of all, you will live a life where you can use your platform to express your passion, to take care of the world in your own unique way. Have time for your family and space for your community. A life of Freedom, Meaning and Mastery.

Pauline Yeats

Pauline smallPauline Yeats produces formidable results as a creative Social Entrepreneur. Her clients build wealth and global influence by turning their core gifts and passion into potent brands, products and market strategies. They develop businesses that contribute to the world, using Flow, Creative Leadership and Exponential Business Systems. In her early career, Pauline designed Coty Award-winning fashion collections, and directed Design and Marketing at Warnaco, then the largest US apparel corporation. Her consultancy, Merchandise Directives, launched international luxury goods companies into the US market. Clients included the Italian Trade Commission, The Limited Stores; McKinsey & Company and the Icelandic Government.

A highly regarded architectural and contemporary furniture designer, Pauline’s gallery in New York’s Flatiron was a design world fixture for ten years. She closed it to fulfill her longtime dream of planetary healing through Enlightened Business and economics. To that end, Sane World was born. Its Sister Foundation, Sane Planet, supports environmental education and innovation.

Barry Mack

Barry smallBarry Mack is a specialist in Thought Leader and Social Entrepreneur Business and Development. Consulting in Executive Creative Leadership, he expands his clients’ influence and broadens their reach through strategic application of Exponential Global Technology platforms. Thought Leaders he has worked with include Suzanne Giesemann, JD Messenger, Bo Rinaldi, Will Arnst, Anat Baniel, Jim Britt, Lisa Garr, Elaine Gibson, Bill Harris, David Howitt, Jim Oliver and Dr. Mark Waldman. Mack previously directed campaign strategies, creation and branding for Fortune 500 companies and TV/Film industry leaders. They include Mercedes Benz, Nike, Adidas, Intel, Jantzen, “Seinfeld” and “Friends,” Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

Barry is also a recognized contemporary artist whose works receive critical acclaim and hang in distinguished international collections. Inspired by Pauline’s vision for Sane World, and its synchronicity with his own views on enlightened business and Exponential Technologies, Barry has brought his uniquely suited gifts to collaborate and partner with Pauline in its development and success.

“Any company designed for success in the 20th century is doomed to failure in the 21st.”

― Salim Ismail, Exponential Organizations



The Star Zone System of Exponential Business with Pauline Yeats and Barry Mack.

SANE World’s Marketing and Dynamic Exponential Launch® system is the culmination of our Exponential Business Systems® Program. Digital Marketing begins with the art of story-telling, wherein we create affinity and trust with our audience through shared human experience and core values. 

“The ‘4 New P’s of of Exponential Marketing’ — Participation, Possibility, Partnership, Purchase — open a dialogue with our potential clients that begins with narratives of shared human experience and values.” ― Pauline Yeats

We connect with our market through stories of our lives, experiences, products, passions, and plans. In response, our audience tells tales of their challenges, triumphs, dreams and fears that signal what they need of us. 

Our Launch campaign is an orchestrated system of email collaborations that build in our audience an emotional investment in our offerings.This leads to the “4 New P’s of Marketing” — Participation; Possibility; Partnership and Purchase




What You Will Accomplish

  • Marketing Calibrated Across Diverse Platforms

  • The Laser Niche Formula for Exponential Marketing

  • Super Credibility in Rollout & Performance

  • The Big Launch for Exponential Global Reach

What You Will Receive

  • Explode Client Lists for Sales Potency in Real Time  

  • Mining Customer Behavior for Your Sphere of Influence

  • Exponential Audience Modeling Online At Scale

  • Validating Creative Inspiration Reinforced with Big Data


Course Outline


Phased Launch Release: Targeted roll-out for brand and product. Rapid implementation for active response, customer feedback and early sign-ups. Data-fueled, deep dive creativity for buzz, interest and reach. 

Success Via Super Credibility: State of the art, conceiving a Launch of Super Success. Maximized Opt-In, Auto-Responder & Survey System at Scale. Orchestrated email marketing support system.

Your Market Niche & Message: Your optimal Responsive Message Platform. Expand online reach through our custom hybrid of Local SEO, PPC, Maps, Google Adwords, targeted advertising and Social Contests.

Leading Edge Style with Substance: Take your campaign to the next level with graphically stunning Landing Pages, seductive Opt-ins, design-and results-oriented Sales Pages to spark interest, show value and spur selling.

Live List Building: The Art of Dynamic Landing Pages. Multi-directional approach Opt-ins, shared tele-seminars, speaking & book tours, special events, list servicing. Active lists for substantive results. The Social Media to List Formula.

Joint Venturing: Potent Joint Venture Alliances via Online Presence,  Mobile Marketing, Blog Partnering, online cross-promotion, Interview & Webinar partner strategies.

Social Management Force Multiplier: Evolve your Launch Campaign forward with Goal Strategy, Design and Support. Editorial Release Social Media Schedule to build on progress, force-multiply results. 

Persistent Information Streaming: Feed rich content relevant to your audience. “Serial Story-Telling” to build customer identification, familiarity and sales. Messaging and topic agenda for editorial, PR, blog and email.  Action Calendar for Engagements, Personal Appearance and Events.


The Star Zone System of Exponential Business with Pauline Yeats and Barry Mack.

Whether you are starting a new company, or transforming your current linear business, this course is designed to empower you with the skills and authority you will need to succeed in the vastly different business environment of Exponential Enterprise. Master the Inner and Outer Game, new strategies, technologies and approaches for leading an Exponential Organization into the 21st Century. You will learn how to build an enterprise that is ten times faster, better, and leaner than the competition. 

The Art, Practice and Purpose of Global Exponential Leadership is the highest calling of Exponential Business Systems.®  Here you will gain the innovative and strategic mastery for dynamic growth. More than simply learning, this course a powerful process of transformation — of your mindset, your business, your purpose, and to your place in the world.

What You Will Accomplish

  • hipster old guyLiving Your Own Life of Autonomy, Purpose & Mastery

  • Implementing Your Vision for an Exponential Enterprise

  • Surfing Rapid Change Toward Dynamic Expansion

  • Your Authentic Core Gifts Expressed in Sales & Success

What You Will Receive

  • The Skills Required to Run an Exponential Organization

  • The Ability to Innovate &Thrive in Chaotic New Economies

  • The Mindset & Mind Map for Exponential Global Leadership

  • Your Place Among Changemakers for A Better World



Moving From Scarcity to AbundanceUnleash from constraining scarcity mindsets of limited resources, opportunity and growth. Wake up to new global realities and strategic advantages of assumptions of abundance. Go lean and grow into the full potential of the digitized business economy now taking hold.

Surfing Rapid Change:Learn the agility and innovation that determines market effectiveness in a new global economy. Leverage the exploding magnitude of change for your advantage and profit. Implement with ease scalability that is a natural outgrowth of an exponential organization mindset.

Stepping Up The PaceLeverage technologies, abundance and crowd sourcing to your advantage. Lead small teams faster, cheaper and more effectively than your larger competitors. Use lean management approaches to accomplish feats previously only achieved by major companies.

A Company In Creative Flow®Learn to lead small teams into states of Creative Group Flow® that generate extraordinary innovation and up to 5X normal productivity. Find unprecedented capacity for lateral and strategic thinking. Build company-wide collaboration through Coordinated Team Flow®.

Mastering Time and Story: Change your experience of time to one of mastery and freedom. Relax into patterns of dynamic creativity and effectiveness. Release limiting constraints from the past through empowering internal “re-storying.” Live into a future narrative that creates a powerful, inspired present. 

Core Gifts Define Your Star Zone: Bring forth new reality in “The Declaration . . . I Am.”  Convey the passion of your leadership in writing, speaking and personal resonance. Move your audiences to pay attention, listen, relate, and purchase. Build success patterning in becoming the creator of your world.

Designing Into the Future: Learn how exponential companies aren’t simply more competitive, but in most cases are the only types of organizations set up for long-term survival. Find ease with rapid technological breakthroughs that will make exponential evolution not only a necessity, but a natural choice.

Breadth of Leadership Vision: Join the global community of business leaders who are becoming agents for positive change in the world. Tap into the access that exponential organizations offer to manifest your larger purpose. Enjoy the respect, influence, and long term growth that shared audience values bring. 


The Star Zone System of Exponential Business with Pauline Yeats and Barry Mack.

A well-conceived Brand is both cornerstone and long distance vehicle for any serious venture. A lifelong identity, it tells a cohesive story in words, images, products, behavior and relationships. 

“Whether we are a solo act or a vast enterprise, we can either create a powerful Brand intentionally, by design, or allow it to design itself, by default. The choice is ours. For better or worse, we own it.” 

Pauline Yeats

For an Exponential Venture, coinciding with overall consumer trends, the values that audiences share with a brand are its most important asset. Our process is designed to build the quality of trust that overcomes market size and anonymity. 

Your brand will be a laser-focused niche that is an authentic representation of your Core Contribution, Passion and Values, supported by state-of-the-art, superbly executed graphics, design, copy and media. 




What You Will Accomplish

  • A Brand to Represent Your Core Assets

  • A Powerful Mainstream Online Presence

  • Your Authentic Sphere of Expertise & Influence

  • An Identity that Publicly Proclaims Mastery

What You Will Receive

  • Your Formation Narrative® Inspiring The Journey

  • A Website Showcase For Brand and Selling

  • Deep Connection With a Loyal Global Audience

  • A Template for Mapping your Mission and Growth


Course Outline

Linear to Exponential: A potent Brand Architecture to deliver your core message. A cutting edge personal and exponential showcase for your Vision.

Your Formation Narrative®:  Connect through the heart, showing how your journey was inspired. Bring to your audience a narrative that begins with your Mission-defining crucible moment. Share how that informs your Mission.

Your Target Niche:  A profile of your core audience and their needs. Integration of product, presentation and message focused on customer concerns.

Values Profile: A Values Profile specific to your product. Research shows that shared audience values are a key factor of a brand’s long term growth.

Touching People: Communication, personality and presentation to connect to your audiences. Bring deepened emotional impact to your audio, video, and live events.

Visual Marketing: High end design and style to visually convey your brand’s contribution and shared values with your target audience. Cues consistently integrated throughout all marketing, sales and packaging materials to trigger instinctual customer connection, interest, empathy and resonance.

Website Design: Your single most crucial tool, using senses, emotion and intellect to showcase your persona and product. We marry technology and aesthetics to inform, persuade and move your customer to buy.

Broad  Mainstream Appeal: Our unique approach takes Online and classic marketing beyond its stereotypical and formulaic approaches. Widen your reach to a diverse, Wisdom-Based, and multicultural mainstream audience.


The Star Zone System of Exponential Business with Pauline Yeats and Barry Mack.

In Creative Flow, we take a deep dive, building on prior work of Csikszentmihalyi, Jackson, Kotler, and others. Much of the exploration on Flow focuses on sports and performance, largely from a male perspective. Our approach arises from years of creative experience and performance in art, business and design. It also reflects a balance of male and female experience of how Flow is produced and maintained.

Our intention in this course is to expand performance, through an understanding of the Flow Field. Participants will also be contributors in our exploration of Individual, Partnership and Group Flow.



What You Will Accomplish

  • Learning to Live in Perpetual Flow

  • The Exhilaration of Ongoing High Performance

  • Leading Companies in Group Flow Productivity

  • Mastery of Rituals, Triggers and Portals to Flow

What You Will Receive

  • The Key to Super Credibility and Market Superiority

  • Access at Will to the Flow of Meaning & Fulfillment

  • Enriched Experience of Everyday Existence

  • Thriving in Today’s Exponential Rate of Change


Course Outline


Achieve an Optimal State: Access, at will, that place “in the zone” where we enjoy total absorption, time disappears, self is forgotten and action & awareness merge. A peak experience of stellar performance and deep fulfillment.

Your Star Zone®: Your Self of Ultimate Performance and magnified creative, mental, social and decision-making skills. High speed problem solving, lateral thinking, and amplified — up to 500% — achievement and productivity.

Entering Flow: Mastering systems of triggers and portals that cross the threshold into Flow states. Practical means and methods of creating environments, moods and conditions where creativity of Flow naturally occurs.

Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Reward: Release brain chemicals that produce total satisfaction in creation and work done for its own sake. Transcend surface results in favor of the deep engagement that fuels authentic innovation.

Commanding Flow: Learn to lead your teams into intentional creative expression, deep innovation and extraordinary production. Lead partnerships, teams and entire companies in optimum cooperation and collaboration.

Productivity & Profits: Find the “flow state percentage”—defined as the amount of time employees spend in flow —the “most important management metric for building great innovation teams.” A business culture where autonomy, meaning and mastery become the drivers for success & profit.

Love & Family in Flow: Discover the “fractal” nature of Flow, finding a broad arc in which life, relationship and family co-create. Learn how relationships thrive and blossom through the mutual support of intersecting Flow states.

Business & World in Flow: Success consciousness is a form of Flow that makes life worth living and work worth doing. Humankind’s highest goal may be to capture this fulfillment and make it part of everyday existence.

Product As Presentation

The Star Zone System of Exponential Business with Pauline Yeats and Barry Mack.

In this course we show you how to develop your products for optimum online effectiveness. Then we teach you the fine art of presentation. You will cut through the cacophony of color and bad graphics, bloated claims and promises that—deserved or not—soak the Internet in snake oil.

“In Exponential Online Business, the Producer, the Production and the Product become one and the same, indistinguishably connected in the browser’s mind. Trust demands cohesiveness.”

Pauline Yeats

How you and your products are presented and packaged is the secret to audience perceptions of value. This is the merchandising secret of “Pre-Sold Credibility.” Backed up with quality delivery, our presentation training  will yield the “Super Credible Rollout” made legendary by Peter Diamandis in “Bold.”



What You Will Accomplish

  • Presentation Mastery for World Class Presence

  • Transforming Ideas Into Timeless Product500_F_91314561_lAQm5qmWAGAdWNX8g2Ne7yhbYCPuM4Ix

  • What Triggers Online “Pre-Selling-At-First-Sight”

  • The Four Principles of Visual Communication

What You Will Receive

  •  Transform Your Best Ideas Into Exponential Sales

  • Product Development & Implementation Mind Maps

  • The Ability to Pre-Sell Products Through Visual Marketing

  • Integrated Suite Spots: Monetizing of Key Concepts


Course Outline

World Class Presentation: The power of sub-conscious symbols and triggers in Online purchasing. Credibility, effectiveness & sales through selective innovation in visual marketing, presentation and packaging.

Productive Flow®: From concept to fully formed product. Learn to access deep states of high performance. Overcome procrastination, obstacles to expression and execution.

Rapid Implementation: In your Star Zone, implementation and decision-making move from forced, to Flow. Production develops from ideas that arise from you core creative and intellectual gifts. Intuition and instinct synchronize with expertise, effortlessly.

User Focus in Production: Creativity and great ideas integrated with strong data. Our powerful System combines Brand with Response Marketing in a dynamic new approach to the Product Development process.

Strong Suite Spots: Turbocharge key concepts into orchestrated suite of stellar products. Create an exponential marketing machine through the elegant approach of Premium Brand Packaging.® Transform a linear approach to exponential with our singular packaging system.

Expert Brand Authority: A professional marketing strategy combined with personal presentation. Your smile, voice and dynamic delivery of live, audio and video programs  create celebrity in a field of expertise, audience confidence & cachet.

Books, Audio & Video: Sell your products, or “be your product,” using writing;  speaking; and dynamic audio and video presentation. Learn the techniques to present your ideas. Develop the comfort and confidence with microphone and camera essential to online marketing and sales.

Seminars, Webinars & Events: The Medium is the Product in online tools for inspiring your audiences. with written and spoken content. Presence emotional impact through the personal power of your own style. Evoke joy, challenge and ease for your audiences in a supercharged atmosphere of learning and mastery.

Liberate Your Mind to Expand Your Business

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